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VW Engine & Transmission - Premium Rebuilt Volkswagen Engines & Transmissions for your VW
Bug, Squareback, Bus (thru 1971)
Bus and Vanagon (1972 and later)
and 914 Porsche
Water Cooled

Hello friends, welcome to the new and improved GEX. We are proud to announce that GEX is now operating under new ownership and management. Under the new AA Performance-GEX management, we are happy to announce many new and exciting engine combinations with more to come for your early Volkswagen. AA Performance has been the fastest growing early VW Parts supplier in the industry for the last 20 years. You don’t get growth like that without quality, and quality is what AA Performance stands for. We have always worked closely with some of the top engine builders and parts suppliers in the industry to ensure we are getting you the best quality parts we can provide. Furthermore, our sales and management teams have a combined total of over 100 years experience in the VW industry. With all of that said, our goal is to take all of that influence and put it directly into your GEX engine.

GEX International provides a wide selection of stock and hi performance Rebuilt Volkswagen Engines and Transmissions for sandrails, buggys, street rods, trikes and daily drivers. Your satisfaction with our product is our goal. Call us and a GEX professional will take all the time it takes to help you decide which VW engine and engine upgrades make sense for your application. Don't be blown off by a salesperson that is too busy or more interested in his commissions than in your project. This is your money you're spending and you deserve to get all your questions answered completely and to your satisfaction.

As the nation's Largest Rebuilder of Premium Motors for Volkswagen Powered Vehicles, GEX is committed to providing only the very best in products. To that end, we welcome your input through this medium. If you have any suggestions or requests on how we can improve our motors, our services, or our Web SIte, please call or email us directly.