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EMPI Dual-D Deluxe Carburetor Kit, Type 4

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Brand new EMPI Dual-D series carb kit. Very similar to the Delorto Carb.
Perfect for your Type 4 VW Engine. The carbs have been engine tested and adjusted.

Each Kit comes complete with a specifically prepared EMPI D Carburetor, Velocity Stacks, Manifold, Aluminum Air Cleaner w/Gauze Air Filter, complete Linkage and all necessary Gaskets & Hardware.

Specifically jetted and prepared EMPI D Carburetors mated to a
specially designed and race-proven Isolated Runner Manifold make
for a perfect torque-monster combo. Designed for off-road, but
functions just as well on the street. Single Carburetor Applications
require a Vacuum-Assisted Distributor to achieve proper performance.

Sizes available: 40mm, 45mm

EMPI "D" Series Carburetor

  • An aesthetically beautiful Carburetor based off the early reliable Dellorto Carburetor! High pressure aluminum die cast manufacturing process ensures excellent dimensional accuracy and smooth surfaces.
  • Idle Jets on the TOP of the Carburetor for easy access with Extended Idle Jet Holders to help prevent clogged Idle Jets and increased mid-range performance.
  • Extended Float Bowl Vent helps prevent sloshing and keeps dirt from entering the carburetor.
  • Large Float Bowl for extended runs at full throttle.
  • 5-6 Progression Ports that allow for extremely smooth acceleration and drivability.
  • Brass Port Ball designed with a special punch head and special installation tooling that ‘sets’ the ball - assuring that it cannot more or allow fuel leakage/drip.
  • Decompression Valve - eliminates drips caused by pent-up pressure.
  • No Enrichment / Choke Circuit - no additional moving parts to worry about.
  • Large Fuel Inlet (Banjo) w/ Special Sealing Washers.
  • Brass Hex-Head Mixture Screws.

40mm specs:

Recommended 1700cc to 2000cc Engines
Factory Jetting:
Main: 140
Air: 180
Idle: 60
Inlet: 1.5
Pump Jet: 35
#2 E-Tube
Venturis: 34mm

45mm specs:

Recommended for Large CC Engines & Most Race Applications
Factory Jetting:
Main: 162
Air: 200
Idle: 70
Inlet: 1.5
Pump Jet: 55
#2 E-Tube
Venturis: 38mm
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